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What’s Ignite the Hearts?

Ignite the Hearts first started as a small volunteering project. Founder Brianna Fernandez shared her story about how she and her family were able to overcome homelessness and adversities because of the kindness of strangers and donations. Brianna and her team are passionate about giving back to their community and making sure that no individual is left hungry or unsupported.

We are a movement with a mission to help serve the poor, the homeless, seniors, youth, and many individuals and families in need. Our volunteers work together to provide families with food, clothes, resources, and support. Some of our projects include: Operation Handy Pack, Box of Love, Children Drives, Back to School, Secret Santa, The Skid Row Project, Let’s Go Green, and participating in several awareness projects. Our site offers alternative resources where individuals can volunteer, donate, and give back to local churches, projects, shelters, and missionary groups in your area.

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