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Honestly, I am speechless. This is all that I wanted for Ignite The Hearts. 
Before Co-vid, I had so many plans for our volunteers… and having to cancel all of them was extremely difficult. I kept asking myself what am I going to do? 
So this year, I created the Box of Love Challenge. I figured whoever wants to volunteer in their community… even if it’s just one person will make a huge difference. When I launched the challenge, i was shocked to see so many families and volunteers interested in helping out. 
I said to myself wow! I have 25 boxes in California alone that can go to Thomas Housing Shelter. 
Then I got a call from my cousin, Carmen Rivera, who honestly inspired me so much. She saw the challenge and shared it with her community in Miami, Florida. Carmen gathered a group of people who were also inspired to give back and created 20 boxes for families in need at the Miami Rescue Mission. Because of Carmen, women and children coming out of domestic violence and homelessness now have a meal this thanksgiving 💕
Shortly after that, I was sent messages from people in the tristate área who also accepted the challenge. 
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. Even with Covid, we were able to Ignite some hearts and really make a difference. That is ALL I wanted for this movement. And this was possible because of YOU! 
Special thank you to the wonderful individuals for sharing with me organizations, for donating food, and for decorating these beautiful boxes. United We Can Make A Difference! 
To see some of our volunteers check out the @ignitetheheartsnyla page.

Brianna Fernandez

Brianna Fernandez is a Sag-Aftra actress/ Content Creator/ Influencer/ and Voice Over Artist. She is known for her role as Bri in the Smile Squad Comedy Channel and her personal channel Life of Bri. Brianna is dedicated to Paying it forward, spreading positivity, and bringing communities together through her movement Ignite the Hearts.

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