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This video was special, because I’ll admit I had no clue what a Furry was. The only knowledge that I had about Furry’s was the negative stereotypes around them. During this shoot, I learned a lot about my new friend Emily. Furry’s are so freaking cool! They volunteer, they are imaginative and can freely express themselves, AND they are also soooo creative. I remember when I was in HS, I was constantly bullied for being a part of the theater program. I remember the day I had to dress like a chicken for Into the Woods. I was in this giant chicken suit, and I bawked like it was my main passion. So many people thought it was weird that I did that. They thought I was a loser, but to be honest, being on stage acting like my best version of a chicken is one of my most memorable moments. I remember laughing so hard because I was so into it. And honestly, playing that role made it easier for me to embrace “my weird.” I make silly voices with friends for no reason. I’m that girl who would dress up in her favorite cartoon character costume and dance in the middle of the street just cause I feel like it. I’m awkward, I’m different, and I’m proud to be me. if you are Furry, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for that. YOU ARE ENOUGH! YOU ARE SPECIAL.

Brianna Fernandez

Brianna Fernandez is a Sag-Aftra actress/ Content Creator/ Influencer/ and Voice Over Artist. She is known for her role as Bri in the Smile Squad Comedy Channel and her personal channel Life of Bri. Brianna is dedicated to Paying it forward, spreading positivity, and bringing communities together through her movement Ignite the Hearts.

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