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Do single people really do no. 13?? 💍😂
Watch the full video on our new vlog channel https://youtu.be/SJuuvro694Y
No. 12 works like a charm 😉😂
If You Could Travel Anywhere In The World Where Would You Go And Why? I am so excited to see your responses and to share my experience in Bolivia.
Oh Adele has such a way with words. Which one did you relate to the most?
Thank you for this question! In this video I share my personal journey in balancing Work and Personal Life. Creating a morning/ night routine and checking in frequently has helped. What do you do to help balance your life?
Thank you to everyone who shared their night routines. I tried all of them and found a new routine for this year.

About Me

Brianna is a Creator for Smile Squad Skits. In addition, she is the Writer/ Producer of the Latin Babbler Show. Her passion for spreading Mental Health Awareness inspired her to become a producer for Latin Media Group LLC, a production company dedicated to creating short films and documentaries towards Mental Health and Culture.

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