First To Serenade Me Wins $100

Who's willing to sing me a romantic love song? 🥺

First To Compliment My Crocs Wins $100

Would you compliment those crocs?? 😂

Asking Strangers to Eat With Us! (Filipino Food)

Will we find a lunch buddy on the spot??

Asking Strangers To Build Their Ikea Furniture

This was my first time approaching a stranger and asking them if I could not only build their furniture but be in their private home. What were once strangers became life...

Picking Up Strangers From the Airport

We guarantee a 5 star experience ⭐️ Ubers from the airport are so expensive so we thought we'd offer a helping hand to a stranger needing a free ride from the...

The Cleaning Crew For Mr Beast’s Chocolate Factory

We’re not getting paid enough for this… 😑 Any other YouTubers need a cleaning crew? Mr. Beast we love you!

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Brianna is a Creator for Smile Squad Skits. In addition, she is the Writer/ Producer of the Latin Babbler Show. Her passion for spreading Mental Health Awareness inspired her to become a producer for Latin Media Group LLC, a production company dedicated to creating short films and documentaries towards Mental Health and Culture.

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