This Week’s Blog Post is dedicated TO ALL artist out there. Continue to share your story. Never give up on your dreams. Because all art is beautiful and can change the world one step at a time. 

This letter is for my sister Veronica M. Fernandez. A strong young lady who never gave up on her dreams. Who started drawing silly cartoons when she was three years old. I remember our comic book series Power Girls. It was an anime series about 5 ordinary girls with superpowers who dealt with real problems during the day and fought crime during the night. We named our close friends some of the girls and our secret crushes the male leads. I remember writing the scripts as you would draw the pictures. It was magic, and we were so young! Your art was silly, fun, innocent, and loving. As you got older, you developed a strong a perspective on the world. You endured adversities, and you experienced life. The ugly and the beautiful. Your artwork became powerful. It became a story on its own. You didn’t need me to write the script anymore. Your picture told the whole story and shared the happiness and pain you experienced every day.  Every morning I wake up to these beautiful paintings. And I think wow! My baby sister has an amazing gift and vision. This is a woman who stays up till 3 Am most nights painting, ripping clothes, and creating something breathtaking. My favorite picture is the “perfect man.” The picture shows the body of a hairy overweight man. Who is perfect the way he is. Whose beautiful. Just like you are beautiful and perfect the way you are. I love you, Veronica! And I am so proud of you!

My sister right now is in Rome. Making a difference through her artwork. She is inspiring, talented, and I miss her so much. thank you for being my little angel. Thank you for always being there and putting a smile on my face. You inspire me to work hard every day and reach for the stars. I am so blessed to have you in my life and to have you as a roommate and sister. I am so proud of your hard work as well. You took a big step going to Rome! Keep fighting for your dreams! 


Your sister




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