September 28, 2022
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Meditation for Anxiety and Stress Relief with Victoria Goodhart

Host: Brianna Fernandez Instagram: @thebrifernandez Meditation Instructor: Victoria Goodhart Instagram: @vicgoodhart website:

Let’s Talk About Anxiety with Edy Nathan

This week I am so excited to introduce Author, Public Speaker, and Therapist Edy Nathan. During this interview Edy talks about what is anxiety, the symptoms, and embracing change in a...

Let’s Talk About Anxiety with Lucia Wallis Smith

Today I am very excited to introduce Lucia Wallis Smith. She is a certified clinical anxiety treatment professional. Who is going to share with us today about her personal practice and...

Let’s Talk About Anxiety with Babita Spinelli

Today I am so excited to introduce Licensed Psychotherapist and Psychoanalyst Babita Spinelli. During this interview, Babita shares what is anxiety and what the symptoms look like. She also offers great...

Let’s Talk About Anxiety with Sunni Roberts

Today I am so excited to introduce Student Assistant Counselor, Sunni Roberts. During this interview we talk about how anxiety has affected parents and students before and during Covid 19. Sunni...

Let’s Talk About Anxiety with Ed Regensburg

Today I am so excited to introduce Clinical Art Therapist Ed Regensburg. During this interview Ed talks about what is Art Therapy, the history behind it, and Creative Sanctuary. website:​...

We Wrapped Our First Mental Health Awareness Film: They Come in Colors

That’s a wrap for our first film: They Come in Colors. Honestly this was an experience that I am incredibly grateful for. Last year, I knew in my heart that I wanted...

Brianna Fernandez Living in the Moment

Living in the moment 💕 🌊 I agree with Mark Black that “Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”  Take time for yourself. Visit a safe place that makes you...

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