January 29, 2023
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THINGS Only MOMS will Understand

I swear there aren't any more cookies 🤫🤣

What’s It’s Like To HAVE A STUTTER

When people finish your sentences 🙄🤣

When You’re a BOOKWORM

When they read in traffic

11 AWESOME Home Hacks

Who needs lint rollers when you have no. 9?

19 STRUGGLES of Having a PUPPY

i know i know! Niko is a big golden retriever. But he will always be a puppy in my eyes.

15 emergencies every girl has had

I genuinely cannot wear that blue dress in public!

Let’s Stop Wondering “What if?”

Ever since I was five years old, I had a passion for making others smile and bringing communities together. Little toddler me would climb coffee tables and sing Barnie’s, “I LOVE...

When your friend is a Furry

This video was special, because I'll admit I had no clue what a Furry was. The only knowledge that I had about Furry's was the negative stereotypes around them. During this...

I Got My Dream Job

Growing up, I didn’t know what a stable performing job that spread positivity would look like. To be honest, I thought performing wasn’t a realistic dream and I had my own...

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Brianna Fernandez is a Sag-Aftra actress/ Content Creator/ Influencer/ and Voice Over Artist. She is known for her role as Bri in the Smile Squad Comedy Channel and her personal channel Life of Bri. Brianna is dedicated to Paying it forward, spreading positivity, and bringing communities together through her movement Ignite the Hearts.

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