Last month, I told my dad that I wanted to produce my very first film on mental health awareness. So for Christmas, he gave me my first book on producing:  Producer to Producer by Maureen Ryan.

After I read this book, I looked back at my own film that is currently in pre production and fixed/ gathered the important pieces that were missing.

Shortly after, I received another gift from my friend Cris: The creative Screenwriter by Julian Hoxter. This book was a reminder, that after my first film… I shouldn’t stop creating.

I looked back at my little library of books and plays that have inspired me over the years, and it gave me so much hope.

Stella Adler was my first acting book. It was a book given to me by my high school drama teacher, Linda Gerdes. This book gave me the courage to pursue Acting as a career. It showed me the importance of taking risks, being messy, but also having a purpose and objective when performing the craft.

UTA Hagen, made me ask the difficult, yet important questions when taking on a role.

Meisner: showed me how important it is to connect and LISTEN to my partner. To NOT perform what I think the script should be, but how I genuinely reacted to my partner in the moment.

And The Art of Voice Acting by Alburger not only helped me find my passion for animation, it helped me discover a whole new niche.

All of these books have inspired me. They showed me the importance of studying the industry and believing in myself.

When you give someone a book on something they are passionate about, you are telling them: “don’t give up” “I believe in you” “you are enough.”


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