Hello Friends! It’s Bri!

You are probably wondering why a million videos were posted last month and now they are all gone. Unfortunately, several months ago, my account was hacked. Shortly after my smile squad live, I had opened one of my emails and discovered that it was a phishing account. The hacker took control of pretty much everything and used smile squad videos to benefit themselves.

This moment was honestly scary for me. The hacker had all of my private information. I had to change my phone number, email, bank accounts, and my anxiety had gotten worse. It took a while for me to find that trust again, and I am so blessed to have had the Facebook team’s support. 

I know so many of you had tried to message me during that time. I am sorry that I was not able to be the one to respond. Because of the events that occurred, my form of engagement will be through the COMMENTS SECTION ONLY on all of my platforms. We are a community, and I want you all to know that I see you, and I am incredibly grateful for each and everyone of you.

This was a page where we could check in on each other and where I can share positive comedic/ relatable videos. I want this page to be like that again.

I just want to say thank you for your love and support during this process. Thank you for supporting the smile squad team too! I am back! and stronger than ever. I AM SO EXCITED to continue making you smile.

Please be careful! Stay safe! and never forget that you are loved.


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