Last night I watched a good friend and castmate of mine perform Live AT the Living Room. Many of you guys know Cory Wade for competing and placing third on cycle 20 of America’s Next Top Model. But I never watched that season, so when I met him, I saw Cory. Genuine, goofy, beautiful, and talented Cory. And last night, I saw even more than that. On that stage was a performer with the voice of an angel. And Cory, you inspired me so much. I knew you could sing, but the songs you wrote were so powerful. The messages really touched my heart as well. Especially the song: Unify. That night, Cory told his fans, friends, and family that even though he’s known for being a model, music and performing is his true passion. It what makes him feel alive. Being able to share a beautiful message through his music. “It’s the closest thing to magic.” And Cory, watching you make the crowd laugh and go wild…That’s an entertainer! His message was TO GO FOR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND TO FIGHT FOR YOUR DREAMS. And I want to inspire anyone who is reading this post to do the same. You are all so talented with a purpose. Whether you are an artist, scientist, or activist, you can change the world. Go for what makes you happy. Fight for it even when the world tries to bring you down. Cory, you looked so happy on that stage. You looked like nothing else mattered, and it reminded me why I perform as well. Why I never stop even when the road is bumpy. I will always be your fan… not the crazy kind with parodies lol, but a genuine friend. I look back at the day you comforted me during the S.T.A.R recruit, and till this day I think wow, what a beautiful heart. Thank you for being so loving, energetic, inspiring, passionate, and supportive.


Your crazy friend,

Bri ? 


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