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Living in the moment 💕 🌊 I agree with Mark Black that “Sometimes the most productive thing you can do is relax.”  Take time for yourself. Visit a safe place that makes you smile whether it’s with friends or family... or in my case relaxing on the beach early in the morning. Taking in the sand, the sounds of the ocean,...
Reach for the Stars! Over the summer, my dad took my sister and I to Los Angeles, California. This was my first time visiting the West Coast. We were blessed to visit so many locations; for instance, Warner Bros. Studio, Santa Monica Pier, Disney Land, Taco Trucks, Universal Studios, Beverly Hills, and more. In summary, Los Angeles was a dream...
Ever since I was little I have been asked the same question: if I could go anywhere in the world where would I go? My response was always the same: anywhere that's not New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Miami. I never explored different countries and cultures, so when my sister left to study in Rome, I was so...

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Brianna is a Creator for Smile Squad Skits. In addition, she is the Writer/ Producer of the Latin Babbler Show. Her passion for spreading Mental Health Awareness inspired her to become a producer for Latin Media Group LLC, a production company dedicated to creating short films and documentaries towards Mental Health and Culture.

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