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I had such an amazing time learning about the life of a Pageant Queen! Who knew that they put Vaseline in their teeth. Special thank you to Kurt Tocci and Katlynne.
Had a great time working on this crazy video with Sam Li! Which is your favorite? I wouldn't mind becoming a professional cuddler.
Had a great time working with Creator Kurt Tocci! We shared some great ways to relieve stress. Let us know which is your favorite.
Worked on this fun video with Smile Squad creator Sam Li. My favorite is #7! Which is yours?
I had an amazing time working with Kurt Tocci in this fun smile Squad video. I am actually guilty of doing a lot of these haha. Which is one that you relate to?
Becoming a Smile Squad creator has been a dream come true. I have learned so much about social media and what it takes to create entertaining content. I am also extremely grateful for my co-workers Kurt Tocci and Sam Li for teaching me everything that I need to know in order to become a stronger dp, director, editor, and...
I had an amazing time working with creator Sam Li and Smile Squad. Which is your favorite supersitition?
Anytime she said disrespectful I would crack up! Such a joy working with you! This is a reminder to everyone who is reading this comment: you are so beautiful. You are so important! And you are loved.

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Brianna is a Creator for Smile Squad Skits. In addition, she is the Writer/ Producer of the Latin Babbler Show. Her passion for spreading Mental Health Awareness inspired her to become a producer for Latin Media Group LLC, a production company dedicated to creating short films and documentaries towards Mental Health and Culture.

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