September 25, 2022
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Every Novela Has This Crazy Plot Twist! Tik tok: @thebrifernandez
when he has a sexy accent
expectations versus reality when waking up.
Are you a fan of the office? Which character did this scene?
when He writes you a song... so romantic!
When Elsa Says to Let it Go
Overprotective Friends Be like…
If Rapunzel Met Stitch #disney
If Belle and the Beast lived in a small apartment.
The Latin Babbler Show was honored to have our special guest Kathy Cano-Murillo. Kathy is an author, artist & founder of the award-winning brand, CraftyChica. She spreads the gospel of glitter – literally through her DIY projects and figuratively through her speeches, workshops, books, and essays. She is now a full-time creativepreneur which has led to multiple Crafty Chica...

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Brianna Fernandez is a Sag-Aftra actress/ Content Creator/ Influencer/ and Voice Over Artist. She is known for her role as Bri in the Smile Squad Comedy Channel and her personal channel Life of Bri. Brianna is dedicated to Paying it forward, spreading positivity, and bringing communities together through her movement Ignite the Hearts.

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