WARNING! This video has nothing to do with comedy. They are clips from dramatic films that I worked on last year. The first clip also has a bad word. (Just fair warning haha)

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be sad, or angry, or even frustrated? Like you had to hold emotions in?

I wanted to share this because aside from performing in comedy sketches, I also love performing serious roles for films and television.

Growing up, I’ve always loved playing the characters who weren’t afraid to cry, to speak their mind, and be vulnerable. I felt like whenever I played these roles, I was able to be a voice for someone who felt scared or ashamed to.

I know society makes it seem like expressing emotions such as sadness, frustration, or anger is a bad thing. I know on my side… I’m always promoting smiles and positivity.


It doesn’t matter who you are, your feelings are valid and they are enough. Sending love to all of you guys! And I’m excited to share some clips from films that I got to work on.


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