Spent the day after the C3 conference in Forts worth and Dallas Texas. If you ever visit, here are some great activities that you can do! You can go through all of them in a day ?.

For Breakfast: visit the old west cafe in Grapevine, Texas :). You won’t regret eating chicken fried chicken in the morning with biscuits and gravy ?. It opens at 7AM!

After, head down to Dallas and take a historical tour. I went on a JFK tour and learned about the history of his assassination. They have a great museum as well, but I highly recommend the tour because they really humanize the entire event.
If it’s Freezing! Down load the Dallas Historical App tour and play the audio while driving to each location. The app is free and should last about an hour and a half, and I promise you it’s worth learning about ?
Then head down to Fortsworth Texas!
There is so much to do here between the botanical gardens, the Fort Worth water gardens, and don’t get me started with Fort Worth Stock Yard!!!!
Fort Worth Stock Yard was my favorite part. It has a warm old western feel with lots of shops, restaurants, and activities. I won’t lie, I was a little girl at the petting zoo ?.
At night, head down to Billy Bobs where you can watch bull riding Friday’s and Saturday’s, line dance, and enjoy a live concert event. Billy Bobs also has an arcade, guitar shop, and clothing shop.
If you know some great locations that I did not visit please share them in the comments below :).


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